A genuine

restaurant in Fira

Amongst the foremost restaurants in Santorini Town, the Ifestioni is a bio organic restaurant which artfully mixes traditional cuisine with modern cutting edge culinary skill.

In collaboration with Aristotele Zervas, all day menus place the Ifestioni restaurant at the forefront of bio organic restaurants in Santorini town.

Offering a real experience into island culture, hospitality and traditional cuisine, local organic products are sourced by the Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites in Fira, Santorini and throughout Greece.

Changing the culinary scene -

restaurants in Santorini Town

The Ifestioni restaurant in Fira places a great emphasis on the best vegetarian and non vegetarian ingredients. Honey from wild thyme flowers, wild saffron and local black and white figs feature in dishes alongside organic olive oils and wines.

Homemade dishes visually stunning are made of perfect complementary tastes which form a unique culinary feast for Aressana guests.

Served in soothing surroundings either indoors or outdoors, the views of Fira always provide a perfect backdrop to expansive breakfasts, long leisurely lunches or candle lit romantic dinners.

The sights, sounds, smells and excitement of Santorini town pervade in every detail always coupled with the signature Aressana warm hospitality.

Traditional cuisine is infused with exciting creative touches in vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes where healthy eating combines with excellence in this beautiful eatery in Santorini town.

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