Spa holidays in Santorini

The luxury spa center at the Aressana Spa Hotel in Santorini offers couples spa packages that are truly world class.

Spa holidays in Santorini at this couples luxury spa in Santorini town, are distinguished by unfailingly sumptuous design touches, tailor made therapies and discrete and knowledgeable therapists. Stay in one of Aressana Suites and relish a unique Spa experience.


Spa Hotel In Santorini

The Tefsion Kallos Spa center in Fira offers guests spa holidays in Santorini which truly reflect the magnificence of its natural surrounding and roots of its Santorini town cultural heritage.

A Fira luxury spa in a land famed for the most beautiful sunsets in the world, the spa center offers its guests a luxurious holistic refuge from modern day life.

Drawing on the essence of natural therapy philosophies from all over the world combined with locally sourced treatments and the magic of the legend that makes up the wonder of Santorini town, a spa experience here, is quite like no other.

Featuring the most luxurious design in Santorini and state-of the-art hydro facilities, feelings of inner harmony and timelessness soon cocoon all guests.

The Tefsion Kallos Spa Philosophy

A Spa hotel in Santorini whose treatments are wholly unique, the Tefsion Kallos Spa in Fira’s focus is on the well being of couples and individuals alike.

Drawing on the elements of the Sun, the Moon and the Earth, couples spa packages feature these three elements in holistic treatments are aimed at rebalancing and soothing the mind, body and soul.

These three life forces are believed to govern every aspect of our day to day lives, yet the surrounding beauty of Santorini brings them closer where the sun is considered to be the symbol of invigoration which influences time, tide and thermal energies.

The Moon, acting as a symbol of serenity slows one down, especially when viewed in the bright Santorini skies.

And finally the earth, which here in Satorini with its rich volcanic soils provides the nourishing ingredients for many of the bespoke therapies.

Relax and succumb to the spiritual wellness and harmonious nature of this most exclusive of spas where trained therapists are sure to awaken your senses and provide for your ultimate wellbeing.

Aressana, the Spa hotel by excellence in Santorini.

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