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The production of wine has always played a major part in the lives of the locals in Santorini, and Santorinian wines are known around the world for their exceptional quality and distinct flavour; after all, who hasn’t heard of the delicious sweetness of Vinsanto? Wine is celebrated all-year-long by locals and visitors alike, but it truly comes to the forefront during the vedema, the grape harvest period, a time when everything and everyone on the island seems to revolve around wine! Let’s see what the vedema of Santorini is like!

The journey of the famous Vinsanto starts here!

The vedema kicks off at the beginning of August, depending on the year’s weather conditions and the optimal maturity of the grapes. The grapes are harvested from the vineyard, and are then left in the sun to dry for two to three weeks, a process that deeply intensifies their volcanic aromas and taste. During that period, the air is filled with an intoxicating aroma and a sense of anticipation, a longing to try the year’s new yield for a first taste of the sensational wines on the making! After that, the grapes are taken to the press, traditionally carried by the charming donkeys of Santorini, and from there, the barrels of the fresh wine are stored and left to mature. The canavas, cave-like cellars carved into the pumice underground of volcanic Santorini are the final stop of the vedema of Santorini, from where the delicious new wines will come forth!

All wineries of Santorini are open to the public, offering guided tours to their vineyards and their canavas, as well as wine-tastings of their superb wines. Especially during the vedema of Santorini, visiting a local vineyard to try the exquisite Assyrtiko, Aidani, Voudomato, Mavrotragano and of course, Vinsanto, is an experience not-to-be-missed that will introduce you in the most pleasant way to the rich history of wine cultivation in Santorini.

The grapes of Santorini grow in circular shape to be protected from the wind!

For more information on the vedema of Santorini, the local wines as well as to arrange a wine-tasting tour to a local winery, address the Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites concierge and get the true taste of Santorini!