Aressana Hotel Santorini
Covid 19 Update & Measures

The Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites COVID-19 Update for a Safe Stay!

The safety and wellbeing of our guests is a top priority for the Aressana Hotel, a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World.
Being small and a family-owned property, is one of the reasons we take great pride in creating a clean and safe environment for all our guests whilst aiming to provide services of the highest quality.
In the fight against Covid-19, we wish to re-assure you that we follow closely the guidelines and recommendations set forth by the Greek Government, EFET Hellenic Food Authority, World Health Organisation and other relevant local authorities. We deeply understand the challenges of travel during these difficult times and we are devoted to making you feel secure and comfortable during your stay on our premises and are working towards one primary goal: to convert these unusual moments of doubt into carefree, loving summer memories.
The Aressana Hotel has been certified with the National ‘Health First’ certification by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels which ensures that all Health and Safety Protocols against COVID-19 are implemented and verifies that the hotel adheres to the health content instructions creating a safe environment for your stay. We also rely on our valued guests to be considerate and follow the advice laid out by the W.H.O. in relation to personal hygiene at all times. Should you have any further questions about our safety procedures and making a reservation, do not hesitate to contact us at or
Thank you for your understanding and support during this challenging time; we look forward to welcoming you again soon.  

Warmest Regards,

the Aressana Family and Team

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