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Easter, both Catholic and Eastern Orthodox, is a very special time of year, and celebrating Easter in Santorini is a unique holiday experience for all! Let’s see why!

To begin with, Easter time this year is fairly early in the spring, a fantastic opportunity to visit Santorini before the large touristic crowds of the summer flood set in. This magical place is best enjoyed in the calmness and the blooming beauty of springtime, and Easter in Santorini is the perfect time for a holiday immersed in tranquility and heart-warming reverence. Both Catholic and Orthodox churches in Santorini celebrate Easter grandly, upholding time-honoured local traditions that portray the island’s distinct character in a wholesome and deeply irresistible manner.

Good Friday at Pyrgos village in Santorini!

A unique Santorini experience, one that can only be witnessed once a year, is the Good Friday epitaph procession at Pyrgos Village. On that day, the villagers decorate all the streets of Pyrgos with small cans with a small fire burning inside, lighting every alley and path of the village and creating a mesmerizing spectacle of piousness and luminous beauty. As the procession takes place approximately at sunset time, visiting the village on that day or even admiring it from afar is an awe-inspiring experience one should not miss when spending Easter in Santorini!

The traditional Easter treat in Santorini; melitinia!

Moreover, as locals devotedly uphold traditions, Easter in Santorini is a time of delicious treats; as you walk around the alleys of Santorini, the enchanting scents of freshly baked Easter delicacies will captivate your senses. From the traditional “melitinia”, a sweet bite-sized tart made with local “mizithra” cheese, sugar and eggs that are the most popular Easter-time treat, to mouthwatering delights such as cheese-pies with fresh mint, and the ever-delicious traditional lamb roasted for Easter Sunday, Easter in Santorini is a time filled with aromas, tastes and sites that take your breath away.

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