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Perhaps more than anything, the wines of Santorini are the most famous and instantly recognizable of all the island’s volcanic products. Who hasn’t heard of Vinsanto, the sweet dessert wine that has reached every corner of the world, or the vibrant Assyrtiko, the perfect pairing to local delicacies such as fava, tomato fritters and fresh fish and seafood? But which are the wines of Santorini to look for? Here is a and introduction to Santorini Wine by Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites.

Enjoy the best Santorini Wines at Ifestioni Restaurant of Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites!
Photo by C. Drazos

The vines that grow on Santorini must be resilient, able to withstand the hot and dry climate, and to survive only on no other water other than the night-time dew. The nutrients in the volcanic soil add to their taste, a precious gift to Santorini that we all get to indulge. Starting with Assyrtiko, a rare white variety that can withstand the ultra-dry climate of Santorini without losing its acidity or alcohol content. The yellow-gold Assyrtiko grapes are juicy, with an intense mineral profile, the quintessential grape of Santorini.  Athiri and Aidani are two more unique white wines of Santorini, vibrant and strong tastes that mixed with Assyrtiko they make wondrous wine labels such as Vinsanto. As for red wines, Mavrotragano, Mandilaria and Voudomato are the local volcanic wonders you should look for. 

Cheers to summer life with a wine from Santorini!
Photo by C.Drazos

If you wish to try all the famous wines of Santorini, then a wine tasting tour is just what you need! All the island’s wineries are open to the public, offering guided tours to their vineyards, and tastings of these superb local varieties for you to experience the authentic, vivacious taste of Santorini. You can even embark on guided wine tours, which will take you around selected wineries and show you around the true volcanic treasures, the wines of Santorini! In this article by Aressana,you were introduced to the superb characteristics that make local wines so special. For more, ask Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites’ concierge or just visit Ifestioni Restaurant where our sommelier will give you even more tips for the Santorini Wines! Moreover, the Wine List of Ifestioni Restaurant proposes some of the best wines from Santorini!

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