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Spending your summer holidays in Santorini can be a relaxing affair, when nothing stands between you and the shimmering Aegean, sun lounging under the bright rays of the Greek sun. But, if its excitement you are after, summer activities in Santorini promise endless fun under the sun for all ages!

Staring from exhilarating water-sports, which one finds in most well-organized beaches around the island. The most popular spots for modern water-sports such as jet skis, parasailing, wind or kite surfing and speed-rides, are the black volcanic beaches of Kamari and Perivolos. Perissa and Agios Georgios also feature a thrilling selection of adrenaline-pumping summer activities in Santorini, for endless moments of fun!

Another favourite pastime for holiday-goers is sailing around the island’s coastal gems. Choose among luxurious motorboats and yachts, catamarans or traditional caiques and embark on a cruise to the magnificent beauty of the caldera, the powerful energy of the volcano and the enchanting Thirassia for a different perspective of Santorini. What is more, you can hop to any of the neighbouring islands such as Anafi, Ios, Naxos and Mykonos for a thrilling summer cruise and even more excitment!

The secluded beauty of Satorini.
Photo by C. Drazos

If you want to add more taste to your summer activities in Santorini, fun under the suncan come in many forms; one of the most delicious and intoxicating is undoubtedly a wine tasting, or even a wine tasting tour to some of the island’s wineries. Some of these wineries combine sumptuous dining proposals with their wine tastings, and even some unique activities such as cooking classes, degustation experiences and more.

Last, but not least, and for many the ultimate of summer activities in Santorini, its fun as the sun goes down! Looking for the perfect sunset viewing spot and admiring the best sunsets in the world is the experience you’ll cherish the most of your stay in Santorini!

The unique Red Beach!
Photo by C. Drazos

Ask the Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites concierge for our favourite sunset viewing spots, as well as suggestions and reservations for the most exciting summer activities in Santorini!

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