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Instantly recognizable from countless postcards and magazine spreads, the pristine white beauty of Santorini’s caldera has more to show than meets the eye. Santorini’s unique traditional architecture style is mainly based on two distinct types of residences, the “yposkafa” houses, meaning residences that have been carved in the rocks of the caldera, and the “kapetanospita”, or captains’ mansions.

The arches of Santorini architecure as seen at Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites!

The “yposkafa” can be found everywhere on the caldera, on hillslopes and riverbeds. Their most significant characteristic is that their indoor temperature remains stable throughout the year, as they have minimal exposure to the scorching sun, making them cool and welcoming summer havens. That is also due to the lack of windows, as they are typically only found on the façade of the domicile and nowhere else.  They are comprised by one main room, and usually with cave-styled beds and shelves carved in the limestone, covering the bare essentials of day to day living and defining to their core the pure essence of minimalism – and of white beauty! Santorini’s unique traditional architecture has not only withstood the test of time, but in addition offers a superb accommodation proposal that visitors seeking to truly delve into the authentic island lifestyle.

Hidden gardens as part of Santorini living.

As for the second iconic sample of Santorini’s unique architecture, the “kapetanospita”, they are found mainly in Oia, Pyrgos, Messaria and Fira. They were the typical captains’ houses, and to these days they are symbols of opulence and elegance. Their design revolves around a central living area, with rooms build on every of its sides. Most often they were two-floored, with a basement cellar meant for preserving all types of products. Usually, their furnishings were brought to Santorini onboard trade ships from Russia, and some exceptional samples of that time’s style can be admired at Argyros Mansion, a fully renovated captain’s mansion that showcases Santorini’s unique architecture. Explore the white beauty of Santorini and discover all it has to offer.

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