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Born of lava, volcanic ash and limestone, the unique volcanic terroir of Santorini never stops gifting us with some amazing products! Combined with almost total lack of rain, which deprives crops of any watering other than the morning Aegean mists, the products of this island are superbly tasty, with distinct and fiery character and a sumptuous rarity that instantly captivates your palate. Let’s take a look at the Santorini products you must try!

The Santorini products. Cherry tomatoes, white aubergine, katsouni (cucumber) and courgettes!

Starting with the ever famous Santorinian fava, a legume that has been cultivated on the island for more than 3000 years. Their intense sweetness and velvety texture marry well with almost any culinary ingredient, and some of the most favourite combinations are fava with caramelized onions, with octopus or simply with some freshly squeezed lemon and local aromatic capers.

The white aubergines of Santorini!

Another one of the Santorini products you must try is the cherry tomatoes, known for their vibrant, fiery taste. Starring in classic traditional recipes such as the crispy, so full of flavour tomato fritters, partnered with Vinsanto in appetizing pasta sauces or simply fresh in any salad along with the local cucumbers, these blushing bite-sized delights are a delicacy that so deliciously portrays the authentic taste of Santorini.

A Santorini you must try! Korkosela of Santorini, ideal for breakfast!

But that’s not all of the Santorini products you must try! The local white aubergines are known for their delicate sweet taste and the fact that they don’t absorb oil when fried; an unexpectedly healthy option you should not miss! The spread made with these white aubergines is also delicious, an appetizing dip that starts any meal in the most mouth-watering way!

A close-up to Santorini cherry tomatoes! Red and explosive!

Apart from these quintessential staples of Santorini’s cuisine, you should also try the local peanuts, with their strong, bold taste, the capers, with a distinct taste given by the volcanic soil of Santorini and the fresh cheese “chloro”. Unusual but full of flavour, just like every of this island’s amazing products, their noticeable character stands out and rewards you with immense taste! Make sure to look for these unique products in the new menu of Ifestioni Restaurant by Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites, you are bound to fall in love! Check out Ifestioni Restaurant at