Aressana Hotel Santorini

Santorinian gastronomy is renowned the world around, thanks to the mind-blowing taste of some unique-to-Santorini volcanic products and the time-honoured culinary heritage of the island, and of Greece. Influenced by various cultures from around the Mediterranean and beyond, and inspired by the intense, sensational tastes that can be found only here, the local cuisine is not-to-be-missed. And that is exactly what we wish to express through the dishes of the Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites Restaurant; the best of Ifestioni Restaurant is the best of Santorini!

The premises of Ifestioni Restaurant in Santorini
The premises of Ifestioni Restaurant in Santorini

Imagine a world of taste, a world that knows no limit when it comes to creative inspiration and high quality of ingredients. At the same time, imagine what it would feel like to travel around Greece, around all its regions and local specialities, one sumptuous bite at a time. The Ifestioni Restaurant experience is a journey into taste, an adventure starting from Santorini and spanning into the delicious world of Greek cuisine, honouring the most acclaimed ingredients from each region and our love for good and healthy food. An irresistible gastronomic experience begins now, at the sophisticated restaurant of Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites, an experience where you will get to savour the best of Ifestioni Restaurant time and time again!

Santorini Gastronomy at the Ifestioni Restaurant of Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites

Join us this summer at Aressana and Ifestioni Restaurant and prepare for amazing culinary surprises; our love and passion for exploring great tastes and modern techniques never cease, and every new season we have new tantalizing proposals that excite the senses and indulge the palate! Follow our journey as we explore and evolve, as we expand our gastronomic horizons and create dishes to fall in love with; live days and nights of utter delight and create memories that last forever. From hearty breakfasts to sun-kissed poolside lunches and to romantic candlelit dinners under the stars, the best of Ifestioni Restaurant await…don’t miss a single bite!