Aressana Hotel Santorini

There are few places in the world that can make autumn feel like the best time of year; one of these places is the island of Santorini. This cosmopolitan destination is popular during the summer months, but as soon as autumn arrives a magical transformation happens. The imposing beauty, the intriguing architecture and the inimitable character of the island still remain the same, but the ambience somehow shifts, offering an inimitable vibe that autumn visitors find simply enchanting. That is the magic of autumn in Santorini, and you can’t say that you’ve truly discovered this island before you’ve seen and experienced it in all its might!

Visit Santorini in autumn and stay at Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites!

Why is this place so charming in autumn you might ask? Is it the nostalgic feel that inevitably takes over us all as soon as September arrives and summer feels almost gone? Could it be the vedema, the opening of the grape harvest season that immerses Santorini in an intoxicating atmosphere of joy and anticipation? Or, perhaps the serenity emanating from an autumn sunset admired from the brink of the caldera? It’s a dreamy combination of the Greek summer that extends well into the autumn months, of fall tastes that revamp local gastronomy and of Santorini’s distinct character, always changing but never losing its graceful allure. No matter the cause, the result is undeniable: the magic of autumn in Santorini is a treasured experience that will follow one’s memories forever, an experience no traveller should miss at least once in their lifetime!

Take a stroll at the alleys of Fira, where Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites is located!

The exquisite Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites welcomes visitors in its outstanding hospitality facilities until the end of October, so that you will relish the magic of autumn in Santorini in the most comfortable and luxurious accommodation, alongside transcendent fine-dining proposals at Ifestioni Restaurant. Book an autumn holiday now and experience the best time of year in Santorini just click on