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The island of Santorini is full of intriguing events and happenings all year long, with music concerts, dance nights, exciting events and many surprises popping up all around the island. At the same time, Santorini’s nightlife promises exciting evenings and nights for all tastes with parties, events and happenings that spice up your holidays with endless fun and good times! When it comes to arts and culture, September and October’s agenda is lively and promising as always! Let’s take a look at what’s happening in Santorini!

To begin with the 41st International Music Festival of Santorini from the 8th to the 20th , the “Friends of Santorini” cultural association present an array of impressive music concerts. All events of the music festival will be held at the Petros E. Nomikos Conference Hall.

The 41st International Music Festival of Santorini

One of the most memorable and impressive annual events September’s agenda takes place on the third Saturday of the month, the renowned Ifestia (Volcanoes). On September 21, pick a spot you love on the caldera and enjoy a fireworks super-show that symbolizes the volcanic eruption that shaped Santorini to its current form. Part of the Ifestia celebration, a live concert that will take place at the Metropolitan Cathedral area of Fira. If you want to live Ifestia even closer then ask our Concierge for the special cruises organized for this special event.

Santorini Ifestia
The fireworks spectacle of Santorini Ifestia

An amazing exhibition of traditional Santorinian architecture will be held in Pyrgos, in the main exhibition hall at the central square of the village starting on the 20th of September, whereas on the 24th, the Lust-Lust concert will mesmerize us with their ethnic jazz rhythms in Fira.

At the 29th of September the Gentleman’s Distinguished Ride returns to Santorini with the impressive vintage motorcycles that start from Santorini Arts Factory in Vlychada.

As for October the Santrorini Experience with activities such as running and swimming in the caldera will happen from the 4th to the 6th, where the month ends with the traditional feast of Panaghia Matrona at the village of Finikia.

For more on September and October’s cultural agenda, suggestions as well as reservations for all available events, the Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites concierge is always at your disposal to guide you to what’s happening in Santorini!