Aressana Hotel Santorini

Wedding and Honeymoon in Aressana – A fairytale of elegance and romance

What bride to be hasn’t dreamt of a fairytale Santorini wedding, or a romantic honeymoon in one of the most idyllic destinations in the world? Santorini Island and the exquisite Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites can make your most indulgent wedding and honeymoon dreams come true, a fairytale of elegance and romance coming to life!

A wedding and honeymoon in Aressana are as easy as saying I do, thanks to our highly experienced team of wedding planners, who will help you plan and realize the celebration you envisioned to the slightest detail. From handling all necessary paperwork concerning your wedding to organizing the most romantic nuptuals, an impressive reception, and of course, irresistible honeymoon and wedding guest accommodation, leave it to our planners to perform their romantic wonder, a true fairytale of elegance and romance!

Wedding and Honeymoons in Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites in Santorini

Let’s begin planning your wedding and create an event tailormade to your specific wishes that reflects your character as a couple. Let us help you select the perfect venue for your wedding, be it a secluded beach at sunset-time, a picture-perfect chapel or a luxurious yacht; the choices in and around Santorini are limitless… Let’s continue with your event’s details; food, décor, beauty, entertainment, guest’s activities and accommodation will be done to perfection, thanks to the devoted passion and rich experience of the Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites wedding planners, so that you have nothing to worry about till your special day!

The Honeymoon Suite in Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites in Santorini

As for an unforgettable honeymoon, Santorini and Aressana can make your fairytale of elegance and romance come to life, offering the most lavish accommodation proposals not only for the loving couple but also for their family and guests. Your wedding and honeymoon in Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites will undoubtedly be an event you will cherish in your fondest memories forever; start planning yours now and get ready for the rest of your fairytale life to begin!

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